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With years of experience in family and humanitarian immigration, Piccoli Law is a firm that understands the importance of every case. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to serve as your trusted Florida Immigration Lawyer, capable of handling all types of immigration matters – including adjustments of status and removal defense.

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Piccoli Law is an immigration office with years of experience in handling family & humanitarian immigration cases, specializing in Immigration Legal Services in Florida. We have a wealth of experience in removal defense cases, and we are also well-versed in a variety of immigrant visas and consular processing cases. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of immigration law, we also pride ourselves on providing personalized and compassionate service to our clients.

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Piccoli Law Immigration Office provides exceptional legal services in all aspects of immigration to the United States, including family, humanitarian, and removal cases.

My Experience In
Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney admitted in the States of Florida & New York, and in Brazil (ES) with many years of legal experience in humanitarian and family immigration. Bianca’s experience in immigration law is wide and varied. From family cases to removals, appeals, consular processing, naturalization, and representation before USCIS and Immigration Court.

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"I would like to say thank you to the law firm of Piccoli Law for all of their hard work in my immigration case. I had a lot of questions and concerns, and they were able to answer them clearly and with confidence."

Mike Samson CEO at Blocknet

"I just want to thank you for helping me with my case. I appreciate how you were so understanding and went above and beyond to make sure that my case was a success and that I would be able to live in the US with my family. Thank you for your hard work."

Jack Bennington CTO at TNT Solutions

"I would like to express my gratitude and recognition of the services that you have provided to me. You were so professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of my needs. The staff was also very helpful in guiding us through the process. With your help, I feel more confident about my future."

Steve Mitchell CEO and Partner at Rakstation

"After we first got a consultation from Piccoli Law, we knew that they were the people for us. They had so much experience and it was clear that they cared about their clients. We had such a great experience working with them and would recommend them to anyone."

Ron Garrison Lead Developer at Devworks

"I came to Piccoli Law after I had been in the U.S. for 10 years and my dad had passed away. My brother was undocumented and wanted to know how to apply for citizenship and the process was explained patiently. We were given a chance, we got an immigration lawyer, and everything went well."

Charlie Madocks Director of Marketing at Goji

"I had a lot of questions when I first came to Piccoli Law. They were very patient and explained everything in detail. I am so thankful for their help because now I have my green card. I would recommend the firm to anyone who is looking for immigration help."

Nick Thompson CTO at Craftyworks

"I've been a client of Piccoli Law Group's firm for the last few years and they have always provided me with excellent, top-notch service that I can rely on. Whenever I need something regarding my immigration status, they're always there for me. They listen to my needs, provide me with great advice, and help me find the best solution."

John Robertson Director of Sales at Workflow

"I am not very good at filling out paperwork, so Piccoli Law helped me with my application for a green card. They made the process easy to understand and were responsive."

Jake Walters CFO at Edgeworks

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    Client's Reviews

    Experienced lawyer, extremely knowledgeable and competent, I recommend the work of the Piccoli Law Office

    Elaine Mara Vitorio Client

    Excellent lawyer, very confident and understands a lot about immigration law!

    Carol P Dam Client

    A super competent and caring professional! She was present throughout the process, always very kind, accessible and organized! I highly recommend Dr Bianca!

    Weltom Juliace Client

    Dr. Bianca looked strategically at my asylum process, without neglecting the human aspect. She always answered my questions very quickly and objectively, explaining step by step in a very informative way, making me understand what was happening. The result could not be different: we did it! Today I am an asylee thanks to the excellent work of Dr. Bianca.

    Andre Schaeffer Client

    The work of Dr. Bianca was sensational. My appointment was in January 2019. She waited for me to gather the necessary documents. She filed my asylum application in April, the interview was in May and the approval was in June. With two months I already had my Social Security and my Work Permit. And now I have my Green Card. She is LGBT friendly, super organized, detail-oriented, sincere and honest. I recommend her with eyes closed

    Andre Xavier Client